Monday, May 07, 2012

Thug Phillies fall on Jordany's first ML hit

So the Phillies thugs are no match for Mets back-ups and rookies.

First, Phillies starter Cole Hamels got suspended five games for drilling Nationals phenom Bryce Harper.

Now, people are lining up to drill Bryce Harber, who by some accounts is very much a teenager and rather full of himself. 

But Hamels actually admitted he driiled Harper in a post-game interview.


Everybody knows that you are supposed to say, “I guess that one just got away from me.” Everybody knows that is code for “Yeah, I lasered one between the numbers of the little punk because he stole home. Know your place, rook.”

Then, in Monday’s game against the Mets, Shane Victorino ran so far out of the baseline to break up a play that he practically took out Lucas Duda in right.

Then we have Ty Wiggington, out at home by a bunch, taking out Josh Thole at the dish, leaving Josh face-down in the dirt.

That set up an amazing ninth for the Mets, tied 2-2. Ike Davis, he of the .170 average, got on base, and Mike Nickeas -- Thole’s replacement – smashing a double.

With runners on second and third, the Mets sent up prospect Jordany Valdespin, who is on the roster because Ruben Tejada is hurt. Valdespin was looking for his first career hit after six at-bats and picked a good time to do it.

Valdespin launched a three-run bomb to right field,  a pretty good first hit – and a lesson to punk Phillies. 

The Flag of Victory flies in his honor tonight!

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Stealing Home said...

haha - stomp them thugs in the mud.
i totally agree they play dirty ball. i'm glad any time they lose.
i never saw your blog before. do you collect mets baseball cards - or maybe you know a mets blogger who does ? i got a real backlog of cards and no mets collectors to trade with.