Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday might massacre in Toronto for Mets

When the back-up catcher in your best pitcher, that’s a problem.

Yes, Rob Johnson, who is on the roster only until Josh Thole gets a few rehab games in, tossed a one-two-three ninth inning in the 14-5 disaster in Toronto Friday night.

Jon Niese was not entirely impressive, allowing four homers and eight runs in just three innings.

I suppose that’s better than Manny Acosta who only gave up five runs in two innings.
On the bright side, and I mean that in the most relative terms, Scott Hairston hit a three-run home run.

The Friday night massacre brings the Mobile Gnome of Defeat out of hiding on the road trip to Philly, this time getting ready to explore the Philadelphia State House, also known as Independence Hall.

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Dave J. said...

Love when a position player takes the mound. I'll admit to missing that, even though the TV was on, I guess I wasn't paying attention any more. With that score, who can blame me?