Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Terry Collins saves David Wright from a potential beaning from gnome-loving Brewers

Apparently Terry Collins didn’t want to see his .408-hiting MVP candidate drilled in an 8-0 game.

With the game out of hand and the Brewers likely honked off that their MVP was either drilled or the victim of an errant pitch, manager Collins figured the Brewers would retaliate by sending a message pitch into D-Wright’s bean.

Collins pulled Wright, and sent up Jordany Valdespin to pinch hit, figuring that only Cole Hamels would drill a rookie.

Wright, ever the team leader, argued loudly in the dugout, apparently thinking that he should be the one to face the music.

We gotta love Wright’s passion and leadership, but I’m with Terry. This team is completely sunk without David, and to lose him because some Brewer wants to dispense justice because D.J. Carrasco has no control would be horrendous.

Speaking of horrendous, Tug the cat is palling around with the new Mobile Gnome of Defeat, who is hitting the road with me this week.

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