Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gnome of Defeat goes on the road while Mets fall to Reds at home

Another day, another bullpen meltdown. 

They’re going to need a crow bar to get Johan Santana out of a game, since bad things happen whenever he makes the trip from the hill to the bench with someone jogging in from the pen.

This time Jon Rauch opened the gates and allowed DJ Carrasco to put the ball on a tee for Todd Frazier to hit his second homer of the game. Considering he has three for the entire season, I’d say this is a bad thing.

At least we know the Braun plunking was an accident. If he was trying to hit him, Carrasco would have hit the backstop or something.

When the damage was done, the Reds walked away with a 6-3 win.

Oh, and the Gnome of Defeat travelled to Philadelphia with me. Had a busy day, too.

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