Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mets an unfocused mess heading out of Texas

The Mets are scrambling the heck out of Houston while they still have a shred of dignity. 

Yes, the Good Guys just got swept by one of the worst teams in baseball, losing 8-1 today.

Chris Schwinden seems Buffalo bound after two rough starts. 

And while I’ll always be grateful to Manny Acosta for tossing Caroline and I the game ball in Detroit last year, it seems like that was the last thing he threw that wasn’t ripped for a line drive.

OK, it’s not that bad. But it sure as heck wasn’t good. David Wright and Ruben Tejada continued to hit well, but they didn’t have a lot of company. 

And, unlike the Tigers, no one got arrested for dropping drunken hate speech on the locals. That's something to build on, I guess.

Meanwhile, the Gnome of Defeat seems to be hanging around. This sort of accidental shot looks like how the Mets must feel as they head to Arizona – dazed and unfocused.

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