Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Never-say-die Mets sweep Phillies

These Mets just don’t give up!

It didn’t look good in the seventh inning, down 4-2 to the Phillies.

Mets teams of the past would have rolled over, brought in Aaron Heilman to put the game well out of reach.

Not these Mets! Kirk Niewenhuis walked and Justin Turner and Ike Davis doubled. The Rob Johnson walked to load the bases.

Up walked Lucas Duda, resting because he was down 10 pounds from the flu. Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick then hit Duda, because that’s what Phillies pitchers do these days. Note to Kendrick: Don’t admit you hit him on purpose or you’ll join Cole Hamels on suspension.

The next inning was even more fun. David Wright and Scott Hairston doubled, then Turner reached on an error. That set the stage for Ike Davis to launch a three-run bomb off the upper deck facing. 

Then, in the ninth inning, Andres Torres got into the act, adding a home run of his own. 

Final score, Mets 10, Phillies 6 – and a series sweep to hoist the Flag of Victory for the fifth game in a row!

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