Monday, December 12, 2011

Mets ornament of the day: Shea Stadium, a little askew

No Mets tree would be complete without at least one tribute to Shea Stadium.

Like the beloved ballpark, my ornament is a little off. The Mets logo that is supposed to help the ornament hang straight.

This one is a little askew, but so was Shea. That's the way I'm rationalized this one, which wasn't quite pictured this way in the photo on eBay. Fighting with eBay vendors on a fairly inexpensive item just isn't worth the time and effort.

But there is much to like about this ornament, especially considering the size. The level of detail is fairly impressive. Note the neon players on the walls, the ticket booths along the entrances and the outfield scoreboard and video boards. Not too bad.

I picture this dangling from a branch and I can just imagine Swoboda stretched out in right, Buddy and Pete mixing it up, Ray Knight stomping on home as the the little roller famously gets by Buckner.

Look closely, and you see Robin Ventura mobbed before he can get to second base, Mike Piazza tugging at the heart with his healing blast and Tom returning home, bowing on the mound to thank the fans.

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