Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mets ornament of the day: Mike Piazza, a really big star

Mike Piazza wasn't “The Franchise,” because there can be only one. But when we start compling a list of the best players to wear the Mets uniform, he's certainly near the top.

Note that such a list would have to be limited to guys who played for the Mets in their prime. There is absolutely no shame in boasting that Willie Mays, Warren Spahn, Duke Snider, Richie Ashburn and Yogi Berra all looked splendid in their classic Mets uniforms even though their performances were not up to their career highs.

Piazza was the face of the team during its resurgent Valentine era, probably better know as the Piazza era.

And despite his stellar performance, Piazza seemed to be forever dodging beanballs and bat shards from the likes of Roger Clemens.

And, as the biggest star, Piazza gets the biggest ornament on the Mets tree. This thing is huge. Too, huge, actually. It requires a tree branch seeminly as thick as Piazza's biceps to keep it hanging.

I'm pretty sure that this was a mold created for a bobble head and adapted for ornament use.

Alas, even though the designers had all that room to work with, the bobber-ornament has only a slight resemblance to our slugger. Nice detail on the shoes, though.

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