Monday, December 05, 2011

Mets ornament of the day: Jose Reyes, headed to the back of the tree

Well, guess who is going to be hanging in the back of the tree this year.

Forever Collectibles had several years making larger ornaments of individual players, none of which drew even a passing resemblance of the player intended to be depicted.

I suspect this is like that first year of Starting Lineup figures, where the company had about five poses and five heads – “Slap the white guy with mustache head on the batting figure and call it 'Howard Johnson.'”

I'm not complaining too much, because Forever sometimes got some details right, like uniform patches.

The company made several Jose Reyes ornaments, and I chose this one one for today. The soon-to-be-dispatched black jersey fits the mood and is symbolic of the mourning period we're all entering now that Jose is Miami bound.

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