Friday, December 09, 2011

Mets ornament of the day: Reminder of a simpler time

Not every Mets ornament has to be a fancy, mass-produced affair.

We lived in Connecticut for three years, which was nice because it's close enough to the homeland that we could still go to Mets games and find Mets items in stores mixed in with the Red Sox gear and stuff for the other team that will not be mentioned during the nice holiday season.

Our Christmas tree was fairly bare in those days, as we were slowly acquiring ornaments along with can openers and other essential items. My wife made several felt ornaments that I still love because they remind me of those years when we were just starting out.

We liked to visit weekend art shows in Milford, which is a very nice place on Connecticut's south shore not too far from Bridgeport, which is, well, also a place on the south shore.

I found this ornament at one of the art shows. Obviously homemade. But that's part of the charm. And it brings me right back to a happy, simpler time.

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