Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Mets ornament of the day: Jose Reyes in happier times

It's going to be a little crowded on the back of the tree in the baseball room, because Jose was a popular ornament subject.

In going through the loss of Reyes to the Marlins – a rival I confess to not openly hating – I quickly moved through the denial, anger and bargaining stages and went straight to depression.

But we can't have a blue Christmas. Oh, maybe a blue and orange Christmas. The second of the Forever Collectibles Reyes ornaments takes us to a happier place, where Jose is frolicking at Shea with hamstrings unstrained and that platinum smile lightening up a Flushing night.

On the other hand, this ornament looks even less like Reyes than the black jersey version. We can pretend that this one is actually Mike Cameron, Darryl Hamilton, Bruce Boisclair or any of the other 800-plus players to wear a Mets uniform.

Tomorrow we'll be able to move along to the acceptance stage and write about a less-traumatic ornament.

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Dan said...

Yep, I totally have this one. I placed it on a low branch on Friday, in anticipation of the expected decision. Not only that, but I have a photo very similar to this pose.