Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mets ornament of the day: Pedro Martinez, quirky and fun

I read Thursday that Pedro Martinez has retired.

I confess that this surprised me, because I thought Pedro Martinez has already retired. I mistakenly came to this conclusion because Pedro hasn't pitched since he lost two games against the vile team that must not be named in the 2009 World Series for another team that must not be named.

To be honest, I had blotted that entire World Series from my memory. I pretend it was canceled, just like the 1994 Series, but for a better reason.

I prefer to remember Pedro from his days as a Met, making each start an event even when it was apparent towards the end that his physical gifts were fleeting. If only he'd stayed healthy in 2006. I might have been able to add a World Champions ornament to the tree.

But I do have an unusual Pedro Martinez ornament. I found it online, and I've never found anything like it.

Detail issues abound, like the road wordmark on a white home uniform. But the manufacturer managed to work in Pedro's necklace.

Not complaining, mind you. It's quirky and fun, just like Pedro.

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