Thursday, October 27, 2016

Campaign collectibles from a calmer time: 'Battling Bush' and a friendly wave

Today's campaign collectibles from a calmer time brings us to a fun story about President George W. Bush.
Air Force One arrives at the Grand Rapids airport at a freight hanger away from the passenger terminals, and reporters are allowed to gather there to watch the plane arrive and the president come to the door and wave before walking down the steps to the apron and awaiting motorcade.
Reporters are positioned a safe distance away on the trailer of a flatbed truck. There are usually a bunch of reporters there for the arrival, and there are few things more impressive than seeing that magnificent plane up close.
But very few reporters are there for the departure. I remained for one of President Bush's visits. He stepped out of the limo, saw me standing all alone on the back of the truck and waved. That was cool!

Almost as cool as today's collectible from the 2004 campaign, when the incumbent President was challenged by then-Sen. John Kerry from Massachusetts.
These are sweet inflatable punching bags, and the boxing gloves squeak when you hit them. They are very heavy, as there is sand in the base to keep them standing upright. And they are very difficult to get back in the box!

I don't remember in what store I found these, but I do remember being smart enough to grab one of each!

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