Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Campaign collectibles from a calmer time: Watching Al Gore up close

Today's edition of campaign collectibles for a calmer time is based on the idea that kids should never pass up the opportunity to meet a sitting president or vice president.
We had just recently moved to the Grand Rapids area when I read that Vice President Al Gore was going to be appearing at Riverside Park for a morning event. 
My son was 8 and my daughter was 3, so we all headed off to the park.
I spied an orange snow fence and knew that was to be a rope line for Gore to walk down, shaking hands.
I didn't want Caroline to wander off and lose our place along the fence, so I tossed her on my shoulders.
Gore came over, shook Andrew's hand, shook my hand, looked at Caroline and said "High five!" Then we head all the cameras clicking.

My colleagues at the Press made me a copy of the photo. 
Alas, I was not wearing my cool 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign watch at the time. It's one of those odd collectibles that's too good to pass up.

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