Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Campaign collectibles from a calmer time: Adali's shoe, a Pulitzer Prize and turning a negative into a positive

Today's campaign collectibles from a calmer time offers a a lesson in turning a negative into a positive -- with a local connection!

In the Eisenhower-Stevenson campaign of 1952, Stevenson was at an event in Flint and photographer Bill Gallagher spotted the hole in his shoe, snapping what became an iconic photo and earning a Pulitzer Prize for my former employers, The Flint Journal.

Eisenhower's team was quick to pounce, calling attention to the hole and creating these buttons.

Stevenson, however, embraced the photo as example of his every-man frugality and produced shoe pins and other items.

Ike, however, was a shoe-in, winning in a lopsided election, 442 electoral votes to 89.

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