Friday, October 28, 2016

Campaign collectible from a calmer time: Dancing Obama

Today's cool campaign collectible from a calmer time takes us back to 2008. That's a dancing Obama.
Hit the button and he says "I put the rock in Barack" and then dances while singing something to the tune of "Oh, Susanna" with lyrics that still make me cringe eight years later.
I snagged this at Walgreen's, and the company must have been covering its bases because there was a Hillary version in addition to a John McCain version. 
At $15, they were a bit steep to get all three.
The photo is from an Obama rally on Calder Plaza in Grand Rapids.

I've only seen President Obama up close twice --this rally and once at the airport. 
The media was assembled on the flatbed truck, as is the custom, but there was a small area to the right of the trailed that was filled with local dignitaries.
After descending the steps from the jet, Obama shook hands with his official greeters then walked over to the local folks in the area near the trailer.
"How's your summer going?" he asked, as he reached into the group to shake hands.
He was going to an event in Holland and stepped from Air Force One to Marine One, and it was really cool to see the helicopter up close!
There were actually several of the familiar, dark green choppers and another large helicopter that departed for Holland.

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