Friday, July 25, 2008

Tin soldiers and Mets Guy's coming...

I seem to be spending a lot of time in Ohio this summer.

After breaking the streak in Cincinnati last weekend, my son and I are headed to Cleveland to take in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and an Indians game.

Deezo’s a Cleveland guy, so I don’t he’ll object to his fair city taking up a big chunk of the Deezo Friday Five.

1) It’s my son’s first trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He’s been learning about classic rock, and I expect this to be a crash course.

There’s a special exhibit about The Doors, which had that huge revival when I was in high school. That must have frustrated bands at the time that were actually alive and functioning.

Some things seem to have changed since my last visit to the hall in 2003. Mainly the admission price at $22 a head! I’m glad I discovered this in advance and found a hotel package that throws in the tickets. Otherwise an exchange like this might have happened:

Me: $22? Are you kidding me? Well, at least I can see the Rush exhibit.
Poor ticket-seller: Sorry, sir. But Rush has not been inducted.
Me: What? $22 and no Rush? Fine. I’m sure the Twisted Sister display will be well worth the price.
PTS: If we had one, I’m sure it would be.
Me: No Twisted? Next thing you know you’ll tell me they never got around to inducting Kiss.
PTS: (blank stare)
Me: Aw, c’mon! It is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, right? Who do you guys have in there, Madonna?
PTS: Actually, she was inducted this year.

2) I swear it’s just a coincidence that the Hall has a baseball-themed exhibit right now. “Take Me Out: Baseball Rocks” “celebrates baseball as a pop-culture phenomenon through displays of sheet music, sports memorabilia, records and film. It also includes listening stations stocked with early recordings and will include displays on baseball-associated songs from “I Love Mickey,” Teresa Brewer’s 1956 Mickey Mantle tribute, to the Seattle Mariners/New York Mets anthem “Who Let the Dogs Out?” (Baha Men, 2000).”

We shared that thing with the Mariners?

3) It was about 95 degrees when I went to see the Mets and the Reds last Sunday, and my seat was right in the blazing sun. Luckily, I had some packets of sunscreen left in my backpack.

Now, had I been at the sinkhole called Yankee Stadium, I would have been either burned to a crisp or broke.

The Skanks took all kinds of heat for adding sunscreen to the list of things banned at the ballpark, allegedly telling fans they could cover themselves one last time at the turnstile, then throw away the rest.

Apparently the team feared the sunscreen would be used by terrorists, as if anything or anyone is more terrifying than anything or anyone in the Yankee Stadium bleachers.

Not to fear, the team was willing to sell you a one-ounce bottle of sunscreen for a whopping $5. That’s probably more expensive than Derek F. Jeter’s cologne — put the sunscreen probably smells better.

4) We’re seeing the Indians play the Twins at what is now called Progressive Field. Last time I was there we saw the 1997 All-Star Game Home Run Derby and the celebrity softball game, buying tickets from a scalper on the street for $5 over the $20 face value. That wouldn’t happen today.

It’s free cap day, so we’ll be bringing home some Wahoo wear. I’m torn about that. I have a friend who thinks Wahoo is a tremendous logo, but I can also see why some might find it offensive.

The Tribe’s new retro uniforms are pretty sweet. Then again, calling them “The Tribe” is probably as offensive as the logo. This is going to be a tricky weekend.

5 ) The awesome Uniwatch blog today published these old comics proving that Spider-Man is a Mets fan. Check out the classic panels on Shea!

Well of course he’s a Mets fan. “The Amazing” is a part of his name.

Plus, can you imagine being a superhero going to Yankee Stadium? You’d be so busy fighting crime in the stands — confiscating sunscreen and all — that you’d never get to watch the game.

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