Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Shea Quest '08: Things to see while taking a final look

An advantage to getting to Shea well before the gates open on Saturday was that we had all kids of time to explore and snap photos to remember my favorite ballpark.

Here are some images I thought folks might enjoy.

I really like the neon players over the gates. They are features unique to Shea.

The Citi Field logo might grow on me, someday. But that won't happen anytime soon.

I've never noticed this cool iron work around the trees. It reminds me of the little NY that was in the team logo until it was updated several years ago.

No wonder David Wright feels like he's under so much pressure. I saw a couple of these trailers, and Wright was the only player featured. Carlos Beltran isn't marketable?

My dad, who grew up in Brooklyn and went to Ebbets Field, said he liked the rotunda. It does look pretty neat. I liked the team store, too.

I have to say that the Mets are doing a much better job of offering cool souvenirs. Sadly, most of the prices were stupid-expensive, as opposed to basic ballpark-expensive.

I waited for Fred Wilpon to arrive, but he was a no-show.

Citi Field rising in the background.

Honoring Tom Seaver, as they should. None of these colorful touches were there in 1991 when I last saw a game at Shea.

No Yankee fan dared mess with Tim and me in our sweet Mets temporary tats.

Clearly, we are dangerous people.

I thought this was pretty cool for an elevator, especially when Glenn Close is on the other side. This took me up to the Diamond Club.

I saw this dog statue hidden near the pay phones in the Diamond Club lobby. "What's with the dog?" I asked a woman working the velvet rope. "Beats me," she said. "I think there's a sign on it. Something about rescue dogs." At least the pooch is wearing his team colors.

Here's some detail on the tremendous 1969 World Series trophy. And how is it different from all other World Series trophies? Each of the little banners has a team name on it. This is the only trophy to have the Seattle Pilots on it.

Jerry Grote and Tom Seaver, forever forming a battery in the Mets Hall of Fame.

The giant apple, I get. The giant coffee cup, not so much.

This is the view from the Tommie Agee marker, where his upper deck blast landed in 1969.

I was hoping someone famous would pull down the number in the countdown, especially in such a big game. Alas, this was some young fan.

I didn't mind the rain delay because it gave me time to explore some more. I found the Steiner game-used memorabilia shop in right field. These are game-used jerseys from spring training, selling for $200. But you can fondle them for free, at least for a while, as I discovered.

This is what Shea looks like in a monsoon. The view with Citi Field is kind of cool.

I thought the "rain delay" sign with Mr. Met was kind of cool, though unnecessary. When the tarp is on the field, and thunder and lightening abound and buckets are dropping from the sky, I'm pretty sure Mets fans are smart enough to realize it's a rain delay. Oh, wait. Yankees fans were there, too. Never mind.

This is jersey abuse. Getting the traitor Damon on the back of a jersey is bad enough. But everyone knows the Yankees don't have players' names on the backs of their jerseys. I assume this is to spare them the embarrassment. Making things worse, this dude had a Joba t-shirt under his jersey. Pick one player at a time, please.

OK, the Derek F. Jeter shirt I expect. The Doof-Rod fan has it right, and I can accept the blank jersey. But the Mantle jersey with the name on the back? Kid, the Mick never wore polyester, at least during a game. And he most certainly never, ever had his name on his jersey.

I saw this kid after the game. His request was granted, as D-Wright hit one after play resumed. Next time he should aim higher, like asking for a victory.

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