Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lucky seven reasons why the streak ends Saturday

And I’m feeling very good about this weekend. There are many factors in our favor. Here is a lucky seven list of reasons why the Mets should win:

1) They’re playing the Reds.

Over the life of the franchise, the Reds are 292-246 against the Mets, and 157-107 in Cincinnati. But Mets history shows that we tend to do well in big games, looking at the 1999 Wild Card tie-breaker game and the 1973 playoffs. Sure, it requires a little Buddy brawling or Edgardo Alfonzo heroics, but it happens. And this is a Big Game, though the team might not realize it.

2) The Reds owe me. Big time.

Yes, I’m talking about the Seaver trade. I realize that the trade isn’t their fault, and that the Mets were going to trade him to some one.

And, truth be told, the Reds have afforded Tom the proper respect. His jersey hangs in the team museum to accept proper tribute, and he’s enshrined in the Reds Hall of Fame. As he should be.

3) The game is our Eighth Annual Executive Game.

The site has passed on, but the tradition continues. Each year, we gather at a ballpark to celebrate all things baseball, take care of site business and mock me for my blind loyalty. My All-Star ballots used to be held up to ridicule because I’d only vote for Mets. They all deserved it!

Anyway, we seem to bring luck to the home teams. The white jerseys have won five of the seven previous games.

The Reds and Tigers are the only losses. The Cubs pounded on the Reds on 1970s night last year, and the we saw the Tigers in Roger Clemens’ bid for win No. 300. He left with the lead, the Yankee infield kicked the ball around, leading to lots of extra innings and an eventual Tigers loss.
Plus, Steve, one of the executives, has seen the Reds twice this season — once at Shea — and they’ve lost both time. Maybe I’d spread the jinx curse to him.

4) The Mets are hot, hot, hot.

Well, all of them except Billy Wagner. But a nine-game winning streak bodes well. Will the three-day All-Star break kill the momentum or just give them time to reload?

5) The blue caps.

They’ve worn the blue caps throughout the streak. And Wagner wore the black and blue road cap in the All-Star debacle. No doubt they’re wearing the blue caps again tonight, and I’ll have mine for Saturday.

In fact, I’m going all superstitious for this game. They’ve lost with me wearing my black Robin Ventura road jersey, and my black Johan Santana home jersey and even my black Home Run Apple t-shirt. Clearly the color is involved.

So I’ll slip in wearing my new Mets Statue of Liberty t-shirt and the blue cap. Just to be sure.

6) They’re getting closer to winning.

The margin of victory for the opposition is going in the right direction. The Tigers beat them by eight runs last year, followed by two games with the Cubbies that were decided by six runs. The, the vile Yankees only topped them by a single run. Clearly, the momentum is headed our way.

7) The magic talisman has arrived.

My postal carrier was not thrilled by the glory she delivered this afternoon. I just happened to be outside when she arrived for the hand-off.

"You’ve got a heavy package."

"Yes! My brick!!!"

"It’s a brick?" she said, disbelieving.

"Yeah, it’s really cool."

She drove away and I skipped into the house to set it free. Cousin Tim, my benefactor, swears that the brick reverses the curse, and that touching it before the game will bring positive results.

Tim is never wrong. The brick seals the deal.


Anonymous said...

My wife would probably; no, definitely argue the statement “Tim is never wrong”, but she wouldn’t be a good wife if she didn’t!! But I have to admit, I feel good about the brick, in terms of breaking your streak. First of of all, I already think your streak is broken…why you ask? Well, was it mere happenstance that the Mets went into a 10 game winning streak shortly after we saw them, and the brick was “on the way”! I think not my baseball buddy! Secondly, the brick is a direct connection to Citi field. Your chi will be sent through the brick at your house directly to the brick at Citi field, it doesn’t take a lap dog to figure that there is a cosmic energy connection. That’s so much better than cable or satellite. Now the only downside at this point is the Citi field brick isn’t in place yet (just playing the Jeter’s er… I mean devil’s advocate). So if by some bizarre twist of cosmic fate, it doesn’t work this time, keep the faith, it will work. Good luck, have a safe trip and relax, the spiritual world is with you!!


SteveJRogers said...

Reason # 8:

No longer any pressure to extend a Met record winning streak to 12!

Good luck and have fun today!

jack009 said...

The streak of shame could come in an inglorious end this weekend in Cincinnati. The 17-year, 6-state trail of woe is listed in the margin. Rather than keep this skeleton in the closet, I’m posting it out there for all to see, almost daring it to continue.

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