Saturday, December 24, 2016

Something Special About December: The traditional reading of the glorious 'Santa Cows'

Seems like every Christmas movie we see includes a scene where the family gathers around for a reading of "The Night Before Christmas."
It's an OK story, I guess. But our tradition -- and today's Something Special About December -- is the reading of "Santa Cows."
Keep in mind that we love baseball and cows. Our Rotisserie baseball team years ago was named Bovines.
So in this epic story, the family on Christmas Eve is visited not by Santa, but by the Santa Cows. And their sacks are filled with baseball stuff. And we're not talking about generic baseball stuff. They're unwrapping authentic MLB jerseys, caps and jackets.
And on Christmas morning, they go out and play baseball in the snow.
This is pretty amazing! A perfect Christmas story!
There are two sequels. They're nice, but without the baseball.

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