Thursday, December 08, 2016

Something Special About December: Frank's magical Christmas tie

I love classy Christmas ties. They’re a fun way to celebrate the Christmas season at work.

I have some nice ones. I wore one with Charlie Brown on it this week to a special work party. But that’s only because I needed to change the batteries in my favorite Christmas tie.

Yes, today’s Something Special About December is about the best Christmas tie ever.

I thought I was pretty festive at one of the Flint Journal’s annual Christmas parties. That is, until I saw Frank Ruggirello’s neckwear glowing from across the room at the Davison VFW Hall.

You see, Frank, married to colleague Linda Ruggirello, had a tie depicting a string of Christmas lights -- that actually light up. Different lights illuminate at different times. It is mesmerizing.

It’s a beacon of glad tidings, glimmering like a Christmas star attracting Wise Men. It brings joy to the world with a simple press of a button. It is, unquestionably, the best Christmas tie ever. 

If you think that you have the best Christmas tie, let me assure you, you do not.

And I know there are no others like this, because I spent the next several years searching. I could not pass a holiday tie rack without looking for one with bulb designs. I’d find one occasionally, but none of them ever lit up. They were inferior Christmas ties.

There are actually plenty of ties that play music and they are cool, until you are at a serious work meeting, lean forward on the conference table and suddenly hear and “Jingle Bells.” 

And once it starts, the song does not stop until is it is done. And everyone in the room looks at you as you clutch your tie hoping to muffle the sound. They do not break out in song. They just look at you.

Or so I’ve heard. It’s best not to dwell on such things.

Anyway, I’ve never found another light-up tie like Frank’s.

Then, one Christmas season, a package arrived from the Ruggirellos. Frank had decided it was pass on the tie and he knew only one person would appreciate its glory. Needless to say, that was a very merry Christmas.

So now, any time we have an important Christmas gathering, I know that my outfit is not complete until I add Frank’s tie, press the button and stride confidently into the party, joyfully – but silently – blinking Christmas cheer.

Thank you, Frank!

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