Sunday, December 18, 2016

Something Special About December: A simple nativity scene is a holiday reminder

Christmas treasures don’t have to be expensive to be special. 

Today’s Something Special About December is about something I picked up as a University of Missouri student to have in my dorm room, and it’s been on my desk at work each Christmas season ever since.

I remember finding this simple nativity scene in a downtown Columbia store, and think it was about a dollar. It was something nice to have on my desk as a reminder of the season.

It doesn’t stand more than a couple inches tall, and doesn’t have angels, cows, sheep and many of the other things we expect. It’s pretty subtle, and appropriate for a newsroom.

After graduating, I’d keep it on my desk in the newsroom along with a plastic tree that stands maybe a foot and a half tall that I’ve had since childhood. 

The tree started appearing a little rough, losing branches and getting a replacement strand of lights every couple of years. As if that mattered, because I am loyal, even to plastic trees.

But together they moved with me from Connecticut to Flint and Grand Rapids. As for Lansing, the tree stays home now that we have the much-larger tree from Nana and its Michigan ornaments – and now a Michigan tree skirt that Julie made for me.

But the nativity sits on my desk next to the computer monitor, a gentle reminder to focus on what’s import both for the holidays and life in general.

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