Monday, November 07, 2016

Campaign collectibles from calmer time: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the best corn ever

Today's campaign collectibles from a calmer time includes the best recipe for corn on the cob, ever!

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney fell short in his primary bid in 2008, though his foam baseball glove campaign sign is an all-time classic.

But Romney won the nomination in 2012, and one of his events was a rally at a Michigan farm with running mate Paul Ryan.

My daughter came with me, slipped away from the media pen and got very close to the action, snapping one of my favorite campaign photos.

All during the event, the folks hosting it had a large barbecue fired up, handing out ears of freshly grilled corn.

Once the candidates and crowd departed and I wrapped up my story -- with my daughter's sweet photo -- I wandered over to the grill area and was handed an ear of corn, with the husk still attached, but pulled down to reveal the bright kernels.

This was, without question, the best, tastiest, juiciest corn on the cob ever.

I passed my compliments to the grillers, and they shared their secret.

1) Throw the ears of corn, husk and all, in a bucket of water for several hours prior to grilling.
2) Throw the ears, again, husk and all, from the bucket right on to the grill.
3) Let them stay there for a while. It's OK of some of the husk is blackened. You're not going to eat that.
4) When ready, peel back the husk -- you'll need oven mitts -- and enjoy the best corn ever.

We've made corn this way, renaming it "Romney corn," ever since the rally.
You just never know what you are going to learn at a campaign event.

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