Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Campaign collectibles from a calmer time: Lopsided loss leads to scarce Cox-Roosevelt pins

Today's campaign collectible from a calmer time takes us all the way back to 1920, a lopsided battle between two newspapermen and among the rarest of campaign buttons.
Republican Warren Harding was roundly expected to trounce Democrat James Cox.
Harding, running on an "America First" platform, won a 26.2 percent popular vote victory, still a record.
Democrats didn't spend much on what they knew was a lost cause, and as a result, didn't produce many campaign items, like pins.
Good-condition pins, especially those with photos of a Cox with running mate Franklin D. Roosevelt, are among the most sought after and expensive.

I found a more affordable, roughed up version of a pin with just the names after years of searching. It's among my favorites.

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