Monday, April 23, 2012

Twin defeat at the hands of Giants means a double dose of Gnomes of Defeat

Well, the only thing uglier than the Mets Saturday victory over the Giants was the double-butt-kicking dispensed by the Giants on Monday.

Hey, remember when we used to have a winning record? Now we’ve seen the Gnome of Defeat as many times as the Flag of Victory.

In the first game, Miguel Batista made a rare start, and made it perfectly clear why his starts should be rare – or non-existent, even.

On the bright side, and there aren’t many in a 6-1 loss, newcomer Jeremy Hefner came on after Batista and did not stink up the joint.

The second game wasn’t any better. Dillon Gee pitched as if he wanted to see how high he could get his ERA.

A 7-2 loss makes for a double dose of gnomes, but at least the Giants are headed out of town.

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