Monday, April 30, 2012

Mets can't come baclk one more time, fall to Astros

Epic tease by the Mets on Monday. 

RA Dickey held the Astros hitless for five innings, then gave up three runs in the sixth inning.

But our mostly homegrown Mets know how to battle back, scratching out three runs of their own. Kudos to Kirk Nieuwenhuis, again, for getting the big hit.

Kirk also had his first game in left field after Andres Torrres saw game action for the first time since he gimped out of Opening Day.

Sadly, the Mets re-designed bullpen is still giving away games. Manny Acosta made it through one inning, but couldn’t get through the eighth. He wasn’t helped by Josh Thole bobbling a ball instead of shooting a laser down to second to nail Jordan Schafer.

Instead, Schafer trotted home on a Jed Lowrie single and the Mets, masters of the comeback in Colorado, were left on short side of the score in Houston.

Interesting was Astros manager Brad Mills using a different pitcher for seven Mets batters in a row. Somewhere in retirement, Tony LaRussa is smiling.

The defeat means that the Gnome of Defeat comes out of hiding and taunts us from the Murray Van Wagoner Transportation Building in Lansing.

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