Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mets survive multiple bullpen meltdowns, take two of three from Rockies

Sometimes you have to love the Mets a whole bunch to avoid hating them. 

Ace Johan Santana nursed a two-hitter through six innings, when he was removed after throwing just under 100 pitches as the teams goes easy with his surgically repaired shoulder. 

Santana must have done a double-take as he saw the scoreboard, as the Mets never score any runs for him, and he was leaving with a 4-0 lead.

Sadly, the team again employed death by bullpen, giving back the lead with a Todd Helton pinch-hit grand slam.

The Mets scored again in the top of the ninth, and again the bully gave it right back. 

Amazingly, the resilient Mets offense again pushed a run over in the top of the 10th on an Ike Davis hit, which must have felt good for the slumping slugger.

This time, the lead held. Frank Francisco gets a “vulture win,” and anytime we can take a series on the road, it’s a good thing.

The win means Caroline gets to show off the new Mobile Flag of Victory, which is needed because you never know when the world will need to be informed of a Mets triumph!

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