Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I wanted something to touch

Farewell to my personal Baseball Place No. 1

I guess I'm glad that the Shea Stadium slipped completely into our memories this afternoon. I've looked at the demolition photos with sadness, even knowing that Citi Field will be a neat place -- with a cool Fan Walk, espcially one small part of it.

As I work through Josh's book, I see he takes us to remnants of former ballparks, usually just a wall.

But with the fall today of the last standing portion of Shea Stadium, I was reminded that nothing was left for future generations. Painted foul lines in the parking lot won't cut it. I was hoping that something touchable would have been left on its original site.


caryn said...

I'm with you about the painted home plate in the parking lot not cutting it, but that's about how the Wilpons feel about Shea.

They could have done anything they wanted to. This is what they chose to do. It's pathetic. They did everything but ignore the entire demolition process.

RDOwens said...

I'm surprised with you Dave. While Shea was home to your beloved Mets, you should be happy it's gone. All things Mets-related that have Yankee stink attached to it have been scorned in the past. Given the Yankees called Shea home for a couple years in the 70s and once in 98, it seems the stink was embedded.

As for me, Shea will always be the House That Pat Burrell Owned. Man, there were some fine times had in that concrete jungle.

Other than the cost of the tickets, I actually enjoyed going there. I always liked the bowls.