Friday, September 22, 2006

Know your blogs, watch your DVDs

The fine folks at A&E television must be Mets fans. They gave me two copies of their new DVD featuring Mets World Series highlight films from 1969 and 1986 to share with fellow fans.

My job was to come up with some kind of contest worthy of these glorious tales of Mets history.

Since everyone here is a reader of fine Mets Web sites, I thought it would be fun to come up a contest to test your blog knowledge.

Here are 10 questions. The first two folks to e-mail me the correct answers will get a copy of the DVD. Good luck!

1) Two fine writers produce the awesome Faith and Fear in Flushing site. Who are they?

2) Former Mets trainer Bob Sykes gives us magnificent inside peeks inside the baseball world and especially the Mets 1986 championship team. What’s the name of his blog?

3) This gut-busting prognosticator maintains a list so we know who to hate. Who is he?

4) I’m not the only Mets fan living away from the Homeland. Dan’s in Texas and Mike V. is in Greensboro, N.C. What are the names of their blogs?

5) This Mike also lives outside of New York – but not that far! What’s the name of this Nutmegger’s blog?

6) Researcher Mark writes about a specific kind of Mets victory. It’s also the name of his blog. What is it called?

7) Blogging isn’t limited to the guys. Jessica digs a certain kind of game, and another lady picked a good time to spend her “first year as a baseball fan.” What are the names of their blogs?

8) Chris Wilcox has one of the best-looking sites around, and scared us all with a defection to the Yankees – until we realized this miracle revelation was posted on April 1. What’s the name of his site?

9) My Quiznos subs are like this Joe’s often hysterically funny site.

10) My best friend and baseball co-adventurer gets mentioned in this space all the time. He runs What’s his first name?

There you go! Send the answers to metsguyinmichigan(at)

The DVDs are great. The 1969 highlight film is a hoot because they recreate all the bat sounds and crowd noise. You’ve got to love seeing the flannel uniforms, Yogi coaching first base and the little colorful panels decorating Shea.

And the 1986 highlights are just as good. I can watch Batchucker weeping in the dugout all day. And I must say that Darryl’s trot around the bases in Game Seven was even slower than I remembered. No wonder Nipper drilled him the following spring!

If you’re not one of the winners, you can still get the DVDs at and this link.

Thank you for participating, and thanks to the folks at A&E for making this possible. Hopefully they’re staring work right now on a 2006 highlight film!


jabair said...


jabair said...

if i was less lazy or more creative, i could have been an answer to one of those questions....

hey MGM, dont forget about the tixx if the WS is vs. DET or MIN