Thursday, September 21, 2006

Corporate executives? Call in the double standard police!

I’m calling in the double standard police after reading the stories about the Yankees clinching their division title — in Toronto, and only because the Red Sox lost.

When we clinched on Monday, there were all sorts of dismissive stories from the Yankee apologists about how the Mets players carried on.

AP had this: "When the Yankees celebrate division titles, they resemble corporate executives closing a deal with handshakes. When the Mets win anything, it’s time to let loose."

So now that the Yankees clinched, did we in fact see solemn handshakes and business-like demeanor? Let’s look at the first couple stories I found:

Ken Davidoff of Newsday: "This was one of the more raucous clinching celebrations of the Joe Torre era, with beer a noted weapon of choice, and the Yankees deserved it. Their ninth straight American League East title served as a tribute to their perseverance, their resourcefulness and, of course, their thick wallet."

Tyler Kepner of the New York Times reported: "Very quickly, the Yankees got off the couches and partied. The Red Sox are the next team to use the visitors’ locker room at the Rogers Center, and when they get here, they might catch a leftover whiff of celebration."

How many cases of Champagne did the Yankees use dousing each other? 'About 20,' said Rob Cucuzza, the clubhouse manager. 'And a whole lot of beer.'"

The Associated Press’ Rob Gillies had this to say: "Derek Jeter poured champagne over Joe Torre’s head. Johnny Damon swigged whiskey from a bottle. Robinson Cano ambushed teammates with beer."

"The New York Yankees celebrated their ninth straight AL East title like they’d never won it before. And they say they’re not done celebrating."

And finally, Mike Fitzpatrick of AP offered this: "The New York Yankees were still spraying champagne all over the clubhouse and dousing each other with beer when Derek Jeter, wiping the sting from his eyes, made sure to mention the big picture....

"The Bronx Bombers began the day needing one win or a Red Sox loss to clinch. Blue Jays reliever B.J. Ryan quickly closed out the Yankees in the ninth inning, but Boston’s game went final about 30 minutes later, setting off a raucous celebration in New York’s normally composed clubhouse.

"'The celebration is lasting a little longer, that’s the biggest thing that’s stood out so far,'" said Jeter, who was drenched in bubbly."

Wow. Nothing there sounds like "corporate executives closing a deal with handshakes." And I didn’t even see what the full-fledged Yankee hacks Klapisch and Verducci had to say.

The point is that no matter what happens, these guys are going to criticize the Mets and heap praise upon the Yankees. Don’t let it get you down. Look for it and mock it, but don’t let it spoil your day.


jabair said...


if this shit doesnt stop, im gonna call my congressman....

can we confront the author of that AP report and ask him how he likes them apples?

get a hold of Mr. Clark.. youre in the news paper business

G-Fafif said...

Bam! Right on target.

Y'know what else? Not that I pay much attention to their clinchings, but I seem to recall reading every year how the Skanks don't celebrate "but this year is different."

I don't begrudge them. It's a long season, this is the goal to this point. They have champagne and t-shirts every year just like us mere mortals. Ah, but the memory hole and preconceived notions make for such a MUCH easier story to write.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they celebrate as much when they bang someone, other than their wives, or girlfriends, on the road, OR IN THE SAME CITY, and get away with it. These men are not heroes, they are overpaid pigs. Every single one of them.