Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bad postcard of the week: Parking in California must be difficult

Was there no other place to park?
Parking is a survival sport in New York. We end up finding spaces in all kinds of places, including some places where we probably shouldn’t. But we wouldn’t park on a tree.

This is one reason we are usually suspect of all things California.

So that’s why this week’s bad postcard jumped out at me.

The back reads: “DRIVE ON LOG:  This log was cut down at the turn of the century with a two-handed saw, a process which took 5 days! Even today, it contains enough sound lumber to build 10 homes! Drive-on log is located in Shrine Drive-Thru Tree Park at Myers Flat (50 miles south of Eureka) on the Avenue of the Giants.”

There’s a big unanswered question. Why?

Seriously, why in the heck would I park on a tree when there are plenty of other spaces around?

And if there was enough wood for 10 homes – a pretty useful thing – why are they using it to park on car?

Is there enough room between the door and the fence for someone to get out, or do they have to climb through the window?

Why did they spend five days cutting the thing down if they were just going to let it lie there?

It’s not like there were too many cars around in 1900, so did the first people ride their horse and buggy up there?

Sounds like the place is still there, according to the always awesome “Roadside America” site.

At the Shrine Drive-Thru Tree in Myers Flat, the star attraction offers passage through a tight tunnel carved into a naturally angled opening in the trunk. Steel cables securely anchor the tree; the owners told us they hadn't detected any measurable movement in their monolith, or anything that would discourage tourists from coming to Myers Flat. As enticing bonuses, the Shrine Tree park features the Step-Thru Stump and the Drive-On Tree, a fallen giant with a partially paved ramp up, so you can photograph your vehicle in off-road triumph. Kids love the attraction's intricately carved ‘treehouses.’”


BaseSetCalling said...

Log Log Log,
It's big It's heavy It's Wood

Log Log Log
It's better than bad It's Good!

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