Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missing: One Flag of Victory -- and the Mets' season

Remember the Flag of Victory? It used to be so cool to see that fluttering in the wind, announcing to all passers-by that the Mets had once again emerged the winner in a big game.

Not that any of us can remember seeing the darn thing. Lots of Gnomes of Defeat, though, as the Mets season is not a fully engulfed free fall.

Not even R.A. Dickey can right this leaky ship, as Mets lost again to the Nationals, this time a 5-2 bonk on the head.

Can’t blame Jordanny Valdespin, who hit his fifth pinch-hit homer of the season, a team record.

The Gnome of Despair now shows up everywhere, including the public art activities at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. 

The Mets will finish their three-game series with the Nationals tomorrow when Jeremy Hefner battles Stephen Strasburg. I’m not optimistic.

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Jeremy said...

I have faith in Hefner. I think he'll pull it out.