Thursday, July 05, 2012

Epic ninth inning comback saves Dickey, saddens Phils

Usually R.A. Dickey bails out the Mets. Today, the rest of the team helped him out.

The usually awesome R.A. was relatively human on Thursday and left the game on the short end of a 5-4 score.

But these usually-never-say-die Mets pulled off a ninth inning for the ages.

Ike Davis started the inning with a double, and was sacrificed over the third. Kirk struck out, as he is prone to do.

But this team does a lot of scoring with two outs, as we know.

But Jordanny Valdespin  was working out a walk before getting hit by a pitch and then stole second base.

Then Ruben Tejada worked out a walk to load the bases.

Daniel Murphy then slapped one off the leg of Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon. If Papelbon fields that even semi-cleanly, the game’s over. Instead Papelbon kicks it into foul territory allowing the tying run to score.

That set up a bases loaded, two out situation for the exact guy you want in that situation: David Wright.

The man apparently not good enough to start the All-Star Game blooped one into shallow right to bring home the winning run.

A glorious walk-off victory against the once-dreaded Phillies means we fondly recall the Victory Flag in Philadelphia!


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