Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wardrobe consultation needed for magical Tuesday Mets game

Will asked a rhetorical question. Would I like to join him at Wrigley on Tuesday to see the Mets?

The answer was a no-brainer. But the more difficult question is what to wear. Or, more precisely, which Mets jersey to wear.

I’m not worried about getting hassled from Cubs fans. Will calls most of the fans “Tylers and Trixies,” and notes that more are there to see and be seen, arriving from the bars across the street around the third inning, wandering around the ballpark in search of beer for three innings, then retreating back to the bars.

They wouldn’t notice me or that I was wearing a rival’s jersey unless I was offering them a drink, and even then I’m not sure.

A couple ground rules. The Mitchell and Ness 1969 Seaver flannel gets pulled out for only the most special of occasions, like our first game at Citi Field and seeing The Brick. I don’t want some drunken Cubs fan puking on it.

And the assorted batting practice jerseys just aren’t showy enough. I don’t get to see the Mets in person too often, and while not rating the Seaver, it’s above a BP jersey. 

Option one: The 1992 Eddie Murray.

Advantage: It’s lucky. I wore it to see the Mets in Detroit last year and the team hit two grand slams and Manny Acosta throw us the game ball. Plus, one of the faithful and loyal Crane Pool Forum friends noticed that I was missing the William Shea memorial patch and kindly sent it, so now it's officially complete. With racing stripes and buttons, it's a hybrid of eras and a thing of beauty.

Disadvantage: When there are a number of jerseys in the collection, it’s wise to mix it up. And we don’t want to become too accustomed to the Torborg era.

Option two: The 1993 Eddie Murray

Advantage: This will confuse the Cubs fans who aren’t drunk and probably haven’t seen a Mets jersey with a tail before. And Eddie Murray is always cool.

Disadvantage: As Metstradumus has forever accurately called it, this is the “Wardrobe of Failure.” I have a road version with Bonilla on the back, but I’m not even considering that.

 Option three: Mercury Mets

Advantage: We can be reasonably assured that I’ll be the only one in the ball park wearing it. Then again, we can be reasonably assured that I’d be the only person in the world wearing it. It might bring some bizarre good karma to the team. I do have the matching cap, which helps.

Disadvantage: It might scare children. At least the ones not already traumatized by the Harry Caray statue. You ever see that thing?

Option four: 2000 Robin Ventura

Advantage: Road jersey for a road game, but since Ventura is now the White Sox manager, it’s the one most likely to annoy Cubs fans.

Disadvantage: Since Ventura is now the White Sox manager, it’s the one most likely to annoy Cubs fans. It’s black, and we’ve tried to move away from that this season.

Option five: 2008 Johan Santana 

Advantage: Johan gets the love after the no-hitter. If he was the expected starter, this would be a no-brainer. I love the final season at Shea patch, too.

Disadvantage: It’s black. Last time I wore to a game was the 2008 Subway Series game where Santana pitched well but the Mets still lost.

I’m still going back and forth. What do you suggest?


Jeffrey Horve said...

2008 Santana!

Jeffrey Horve said...


Anonymous said...


Ceetar said...

Santana. Although Mercury is a close second. But not for a first game of the year.

soupcan said...

The '92 Eddie Murray. It's the only jersey of the ones you've shown that doesn't make me throw up.

The tail was and is ridiculous, Merciry Mets? C'mon Mets Guy, stop playing with us.

Black? we've finally eradicated it and now you want to pay it homage?

Who ARE you?

Anonymous said...

Johan pitching? Definitely the Santana jersey!

Anonymous said...

Umm, I don't get the part about Ventura not being the White Sox manager. He IS the White Sox manager. Not the Mets manager, maybe?

YKW who is very cornfused.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Oops. Was supposed to say "now" instead of "not."