Sunday, June 17, 2012

Poor Chris Young loses as Mets bats take a holiday

Remember earlier in the week, when the Mets used to score runs? That was cool.

It didn’t happen much during the Reds series. But then, the Mets have famously struggled on Father’s Day, as in Jim Bunning’s perfect game in 1964.

Chris Young was effective on the mound, but made the mistake of giving up more than one run, which spelled instant doom in this series. Heck, Young even drove in the Mets’ lone run with a bases-loaded walk.

On the bright side, such as it is, Ike Davis extended his hitting streak to eight games, so maybe he’s stopped sucking.

My daughter was ready for any outcome of today’s game, bringing the Flag of Victory and the Gnome of Defeat together to wish all the fathers out there a happy birthday – as Ralph Kiner famously once said!

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Anonymous said...

The Mets not scoring any runs is what happens when you run into a Queen City buzz saw, boieeeeeeeee!!