Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy birthday, Tom Seaver!

"The Franchise" turns 66 today. How are you celebrating?

Greg Prince of the always fabulous Faith and Fear in Flushing counts some of the reasons why this should be a national holiday.


Nothimagain said...

Hello Mets guy in Michigan....I celebrated Tom's birthday this year by going through all of the baseball cards I have of Mr. Seaver. Over 400 of them. Including his rookie most prized card of all of them. I have every regular issued topps card of Seaver from his playing days. I have also collected many autograph and artifact cards of his. Plus other memorabilia like bobbleheads, bats, mugs, balls, cars, postcards. Yea, I'm a little out of control. I have yet to meet him in person, but I did see him in a game in Atlanta when the Braves played the Reds. I have a photograph of him from the back...that's as close I have ever gotten to him. I hope to one day go to a show where he is appearing...and I hope my camera malfunction.

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