Sunday, May 17, 2009

Speak now or forever hold your peace

Check this out, the Mets actually appear to care what the fans think.

It appears the team is considering a uniform change for 2010, and sent a survey out to select people. Luckily, this news was posted on, and someone of the always-vital Crane Pool Forum posted the entire link to we can all contribute.

Among the qestions was how often the team should wear the traditional pinstripes -- always -- and if the team should drop the black jerseys -- obviously.

Here are the main choices:

The only difference appears to be cream-colored base under the pinstripes. I don't get the cream thing, so A is the clear answer.

Looks like they want to know if we like the piping. I voted to keep it.

I like the ide a of a non-black alternative jersey. But three should be a choice C: Orange letters WITH the piping.

Another piping question. IF the black stays, they should keep the piping.

Still more piping. There must be someone stomping around the Mets' front office yelling, "I hate that piping! We gotta get rid of it!" That would be the only reason I can imagine for these questions.

This must be a joke to see of we were paying attention. I can't imagine any team -- and that includes a recreation league softball team -- wearing these.

These must be a chance to see if fans would threaten to storm the field in protest.

The team also wants to know if fans want to name the bridge in right field. Options are: Amazin’ Alley, Casey’s Crossing, Gil Hodges Bridge, Miracle Mile Bridge, Piazza Path, Seaver Bridge, Ya Gotta Believe Bridge.

Seems to me that the Mets ignore Joan Payson, the original ower and a true pioneer. Not many women own sports teams back in the day. And she was a minority owner of the Giants who voted against moving the team.

I think "Payson's Path" should be the selection.

Feel free to take the survey yourself:

Amazin’ Alley Casey’s Crossing Gil Hodges Bridge Miracle Mile Bridge Piazza Path Seaver Bridge Ya Gotta Believe Bridge

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Dinged Corners said...

Piping piping piping.
We're going right now to take the survey, thanks for posting this.