Friday, November 07, 2008

Wolf Blitzer, Jedi knight, and other Star Wars people in the Friday Five

I’m mired in the post-baseball season, post-election blues, trapped in that middle ground between the to-be-glorious vacation and the holidays.

Hence, we get a late-evening Deezo Friday Five that might somehow lift the spirits.

1) What the hell is this? Seriously, what the heck is going on at CNN?

I spent election night bouncing around the networks watching red turn to blue, and discovered that CNN took a break from cheerleading to introduce "reporters" — newspaper bias in place — appearing as "holograms."

But without the benefit of R2-D2 doing the projecting, this looks really dumb.

"Help me, Wolf Blitzer. You’re our only hope!"

Come to think of it, Wolf Blitzer sounds like a Star Wars kind of name. So does Barack Obama.

2) One of the benefits of the election being over is that the official campaign sites are offering buttons on clearance.

The McCain campaign offers 20 pins for $10. Obama doesn’t have anything in bulk, but some shirts were half off.

3) I don’t know why teams let me buy a ticket.

The Grand Rapids Griffins had not lost a game in regulation all season — until my son and I visited Saturday to claim our McCain and Obama bobble heads.

I had a pretty good idea McCain was in trouble when the team gave away 1,000 Obama bobbles and just 876 of the McCain version. You’d think the lipstick-wearing pitbulls would lean the other way.
I knew the Griffins were in trouble when we saw the sweet uniforms worn by the Milwaukee Admirals, showing off a logo that is so minor league, and so cool at the same time.

4) Luckily the Mystery Science Theater 3000 20th Anniversary DVD set arrived last week.

The Crow T. Robot figurine alone is worth the price of admission. But having some of the classics finally on DVD is a good thing.

Like "Future War," for example. You get dinosaurs sent from the future to chase down some martial arts guy who ends up with some Tracy Nelson-wanna be conflicted nun in a half-way house full of beefy guys, all chased by big-chinned actor Robert Z’Dar who doesn’t actually get any lines.

All of this is red meat for Mike and the ‘Bots to riff.

5) I’m a big "Survivor" guy, but I’m having trouble getting into this new season in Gabon.

I missed the first couple episodes, so I was trying to pick things up on the fly. But this seems to be a pretty unlikeable group of castaways.

Crystal seems to be cranky all the time, Ace isn’t any fun and Sugar appears to have forgotten to pack her brain, and she's not gonna get that in any reward challenge.

Maybe if there was an Anderson Cooper hologram appearing at Tribal Council things would go better.

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John Murray said...

First CNN gets Darth Earl-Jones to do the “This is CNN” bit, now they have holograms to interact with each other and Ted Turner is looking a little Emperor like lately….makes me wonder if that is really a Deathstar they are building in Atlanta…