Friday, November 21, 2008

Macy's, Marley and the rest of the Friday Five

To me, it’s not officially Thanksgiving until I catch at least a part of the Macy’s Parade on television. Like the parade kicks off the holiday season, it’s also going to kick off this week’s Deezo Friday Five.

1) Some people think that’s odd, but there are some parts of my New Yorkedness that I’m just not willing to give up. And that means the Macy's Parade is playing in the background while I start working on the turkey! An added highlight is some of the worst lip-synching ever in the firs hour, when all the performers do their thing in Herald Square. When we took the kids to New York in 2003, we could see that section of painted street from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. I have a cool musical snow globe with the skyline circled by the balloons. Check out this shot from 1979 with the UnderDog balloon.

2) I’ve been getting ready for our glorious reunion cruise by listening to music of the Caribbean. I’ve tried getting into Bob Marley. After checking out a bunch of his stuff from the library, I decided that I’m not much of a reggae guy but “One Love/People Get Ready” is simply beautiful. Son Ziggy’s “Tomorrow People” is a great song, too.

3) The reggae isn’t quite connecting, but I’m all about the steel drums. I find them relentlessly happy! Seriously, can you imagine a sad song played on a steel drum? It does seem to spark anger in some family members who think I've been playing too much of the drums this week.

4) Our ship, Freedom of the Seas, has a monstrous climbing wall. I’m throwing down the extended family challenge to get to the top. Sure, last time it took me three tries. But now I have experience and know the secrets – don’t look up, don’t look down, use plenty of powder – I’m going to be ringing the bell on the first try.

5) We had our first snow here in Michigan, which is not good. But it’s nice to see grass finally down at Citi Field, which means that Opening Day is at least on the distant horizon. Though not the kind of grass Marley was into. Tom Kaminski of Chopper 880 at WCBS radio took this neat shot, and he a bunch of others that include both Citi and what’s left of Shea, which is bittersweet. It’s sad to see Shea looking as it does, but I have to say the Citi is looking beautiful

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Liam, Summa Contra said...

If you don't like Marley, I'd suggest listening to the soundtrack to 'The Harder They Come.' It's probably the best introduction to reggae, even more so than Bob's stuff, and if that doesn't hook you, nothing will.