Sunday, June 08, 2008

Thank Liam, say hello to Darryl

Well Liam, you asked for it!

The nice folks at A&E saw that Liam asked for an Essential Games of Yankee Stadium DVD set.

But it’s hard to tell if any of the games we asked for will be on there.

There was fan voting on the website, which means it could very well be five discs of Derek Jeter games and a sixth disc of an endless loop of the “miracle play” of Jeter jogging over make a catch, continuing to jog to the stands, rolling into the first row, smearing his face into some kid’s ketchup-covered hot dog and immediately declaring it to be the greatest catch of all time.

They’re so predictable.

Anyway, Darryl Strawberry knows it is much better being on the Mets than the Yankees. The A&E folks have arranged for Darryl to appear at the Best Buy on 559 Fifth Avenue – that’s Rockefeller Center – from 6 to 7 p.m. on June 10 to sign copies of the DVD – the Mets version, of course.

That would be The Essential Games of Shea Stadium. Maybe if we ask nice enough they’ll consider that to be Volume I and we’ll get six more sweet games!

And somebody tell Darryl I said, "Hi."

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