Saturday, March 22, 2008

Batmobiles, bunnies and the snowy Friday Five

It’s spring time here in Michigan, which means that we only had four inches of snow instead of six.

That’s going to cause some trouble for the Easter egg hunts that were scheduled throughout the area.

We participated in a community organized hunt when my son was really young. It was a disaster because organizers allowed parents to “help.” I never thought I’d see adults pushing and shoving three-year-olds so they could pick up plastic eggs with one Hershey’s Kiss inside.

The real Easter bunny must have been mighty displeased to see what was happening in his name. And you know what happens when bunnies get mad. You don’t? Well read on into the Deezo Friday Five!

1) Turner Classic Movies recently ran “Night of the Lepus,” a classic from 1972 starring a DeForest Kelley distancing himself from “Star Trek.”

It’s about elephant-sized rabbits that ravage a town and apparently kill people by spitting ketchup on them. That’s my guess because you see a lot of red and no actual wounds, or even pretend ones. I swear Bones was dipping french fries on a “bloodied” extra. There were plenty of real rabbits running around miniature sets in slow motion.

At least three of the rabbits out-acted Kelley.

2) I was doing the patented “Yes-Yes Dance” right in the aisle of Meijer when I saw that Hot Wheels is producing versions of the Batmobile, which of course is the greatest car ever.

No, not the black blob used in the Tim Burton movies and the crud that followed.

The only real Batmobile was the one from the television series. I got to sit in one — there were several made for the show — at an auto show in Detroit years ago. It was one of the highlights of my life.

3) The Cubs think they need more money to spend on pitchers with injured arms and are considering selling the naming rights to their historic yard, Wrigley Field.

The Chicago Tribune owns the Cubs, and apparently thought they could muster up business with a link on its Website that allows readers to see what it would look like to put the name of their choice in the ballpark’s famous read sign.

Click on the link and make your own sign.

Personally, I’m partial to a suggestion from fellow blogger Lonestar Mets a while ago when names for the new Mets stadium were being bandied about. It’s still a good name. I’ve love to see the logo.

4) I discovered this week that my cable network has VH-1 Classic, recalling the days before the channel went right to hell. I’d forgotten just how entertaining “Pop-Up Video” was.

I learned all sorts of stuff about Metallica, like how some of the members got motion sickness filming “The Memory Remains” video. I don’t know why I needed to know that or what I can do with such knowledge, but some how I know I’m better off.

5) Sometimes a CD just sneaks up on you. I thought The Afters new disc “Never Going Back to OK,” would be decent because I liked their debut CD and they rocked in concert. And I saw it on sale for a can’t-say-no price of just $5. I did not expect this thing to dominate my subconscious like it has. You know, like when you're shoveling snow that should have stopped falling weeks ago.

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