Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day!

Naturally, we have to use this moment to look at all the great leaps in Mets history.

1) Ron Swoboda in the 1969 World Series. Rocky’s diving, sliding gem prevented the Orioles from taking the lead, setting the stage for another glorious Mets comeback. Sprawling on the rightfield sod was Swoboda’s highlight as a Met.

2) N-D! Had Aaron Heilman kept Yadier Molinda as Yadier Molina and not turned him into Yadier Bleeping Molina, this spectacular leap would have surpassed Swoboda as the all-time best Mets catch.

3) David Wright’s barehanded leap will live in highlight reels for pretty much the rest of time.

4) Jesse Orosco’s leap for joy after closing out Game Seven of the 1986 World Series was a thing of beauty – and his glove has yet to fall back to Earth.

5) This is a different leap. A leap of faith. Sure, we all believed that Mo had both healed and slimmed down when we brought him from the Angels for Kevin Appier. Alas he was neither healed nor slim. But we’ll never forget that blast halfway up the Shea scoreboard to teach the vile Yankees a lesson.

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