Thursday, February 14, 2008

Best valentine ever!

Got this sweet valentine from Mrs. Met Guy today. It's nice to know that she feels this way, because I was a little worried. (Click on it to get a bigger view)

Reps. Burton and Waxman looked to be pretty rough, and it's a great relief that, say, unlike Roger, my spouse won't roll over when the subpoena arrives .

So I got that going for me.


Steve J. Rogers said...

Nice Caddyshack reference.

Bob said...

Nice post, Dave. Clemens did exactly what I said he had to do. For now, he gets my benefit of the doubt. He would have to be an absolute dunce to get up there and lie to Congress.

'Ol Barry did that and is being prosecuted (and this just in: the feds seem to have the goods on the big headed guy).

Uglee Card said...

So I says, Llama how about a little something, for the HGH?
And the llama says, no tip, but at your Congressional testimony you will recieve total consciousness.
Or, UpChuck Knoblach. Which is (also) nice.