Sunday, December 08, 2013

Bad postcard of the week: No joy in the state of Ohio -- or The Ohio State -- this week

Maybe the bar was lower for experiencing joy back in the day.

This week’s bad postcard is a holiday mystery for sure.

It’s called “Christmas Joys,” and we see Santa – pre Coca-Cola makeover – wrestling with a goose. He’s dropped his basket of bread in the snow, and his dog is all excited, no doubt agitating the already disgruntled goose, who has likely ascertained that he is the main course for the Christmas feast.

I see no joy on Santa’s face.

I see no joy on the goose’s face.

The dog is probably having fun, but I don’t think we’re supposed to see things from his perspective.

The back reads “Reproduced from the December Cover of Successful Farming, by permission of Successful Farming Pub. Co., Des Moines, Iowa.”

Not a ton of details there, though Successful Farming still seems to exist, at least in digital form.

Emma sent this gem to her sister Maryanne, who lived in Baltic, Ohio. Since she’s in Ohio, I suspect she’s not experiencing much joythis weekend. But on the bright side, they still have their couches.

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