Friday, July 26, 2013

Bad postcard of the week: What happens in a creepy pool in Vegas....

Apparently, no one wants to go swimming in a giant creepy clown.

I’m just going to come out and say it: I don’t like clowns.

They don’t make me laugh. They just make me feel uncomfortable.

And those are the happy clowns. I totally don’t get the sad clowns. Emmet Kelly senior and junior, you are downer clowns. Are we supposed to laugh at your ragged clothes and weary face? That doesn’t seem right. In fact, that seems cruel.

And the rest of the clowns, well, they’re just a little creepy.

So there’s no way I’d step into the creepy pool featured on this week’s bad postcard.

The back reads: LAUGHING WATER – Smiling clown face welcomes sun-lovers to sparkling pool at Circus Circus Hotel/Casino/Spa, mid-way on the Las Vegas Strip. Carnival games and 13 hours of free circus acts daily, plus lavish gaming casino, variety of restaurants and snack bars, shops, convention facilities, and 800-room luxury hotel provide full-family recreational activities at Las Vegas’ most unique resort complex.

I see no laughing. I see no fun.  I see a smirking, creepy clown underwater. And I don’t think anyone else likes this pool, either.

Here’s the proof: This is Las Vegas. The sun is out. That means it is like, 110 degrees. And there is just one guy in the pool. Just one.

And take a close look at him. He’s no doubt wondering why he’s the only guy in the water. He’s looking at the deep end. He’s having trouble seeing, since he was probably out all night doing goodness knows what.

Though the mental haze, he's starting to make out the patterns

“I know I hit the town hard last night. But I’ll be damned if that isn’t a giant freaking clown.”

Suddenly, he feels the shame that goes with standing, alone, in a massive, clown-shaped pool, hoping that this doesn't turn into one of those “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” ads.

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