Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday Five: Pat Benatar and other music of the universe

Settling in for a very busy Labor Day weekend that includes the Famous Chicken – and a very special holiday Deezo Friday Five.

Mystery animal cap

My favorite cap this summer came from a store in Traverse City called Cherry Republic. If you do the Michigan-as-a-hand thing, Traverse City is at the tip of our pinky. It's known for magnificent beaches and sunsets, angst-filled newspaper softball tournaments and growing cherries. The Cherry Republic sells cherries in just about every form imaginable, including salsa and peanut butter. Lots of samples. The cap is one of those rare magical caps that just feels perfect. It's made by a company called Attitude 101. But we've had big debates about the animal in the logo. I think it's supposed to be a bear, based on other things I saw in the store. But other people think it looks like a dog, a pig, Big Foot or Lucas Duda. I like that the mystery animal is looking over his shoulder with a bit of an attitude. Very New York for a laid back place like Traverse City. This might kick off a cool cap of the week feature.

Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar says I rock! Pat was in town for a concert and came to the local Barnes & Noble to sign copies of her book, “Between a Heart and a Rock Place.” There about 200 people in line, and about 190 them were guys between the ages of 45 and 55. Pat and I discussed Long Island, and the Lindenhurst native said she was back home recently for a big family barbecue. “The Island's still a good place,” she said. I'm assuming she's a Mets fan because she was nice, though I could not find references to the team in the book.
Words With Friends

My sister got me hooked on the game, and it's one more reason I suffer from separation anxiety when I misplace the iPhone. My winning percentage was only slightly better than that of the 1962 Mets. But now I've discovered the joys of triple word score tiles, I'm a little better, like the 1978 Mets, but without the embarrassment of “Mettle.” Look for me as MetsGuy if you want to play.

Mets blue jerseys

The team wore the blue Los Mets jerseys again this week, and reports are the magnificent tops are returning for special games next year less the Los. Too bad fans haven't been clamoring for uniforms like these for years. Oh, wait.

“The Music of the Universe”

“Chuck” is the latest morning diversion as I put in the daily treadmill mileage, and I'm part of the way through the second season. One episode revolves around an old Missile Command arcade game, and the creator of the game explains it must be played to “the music of the universe.” Chuck, playing under pressure to save the world, realizes that the game creator meant that the game can be conquered when played to the rhythms of “Tom Sawyer.” There's truth to this. The epic was voted the No. 1 song to play games to by the Nintendo Power magazine. Note to the people running the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Some people give Rush the respect it deserves.


RDOwens said...

My first concert was Pat Benatar; BIlly Squire opened.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Cool! I like Billy Squire, too. I bet that was a good show. I've never been able to see Pat in concert -- the show here sold out.