Saturday, April 03, 2010

Redeeming No. 46 in delicious fashion

I'm a little worried about today.

I turned 46, and each year we look for inspiration by seeing which Mets wore the uniform number of the age.

The fantastic Mets By The Numbers site helps with this. And before listing the Met 46ers, it is written: "Whatever you do, don't wear this number."

Neil Allen is the high water mark. And he ditched it after two seasons. Randy Niemann also tossed 46 before the glorious 1986 season.

Dave West tried it twice. Others are Chris Jelic, Terry Bross, Barry Jones, Brian Bohanon, Jermain Allensworth, Rich Rodriguez, Tyler Walker, Jeremy Griffiths, Jose Parra, Tim Hamulack, and, gasp, Oliver Perez.

Plus, we had manager Dallas Green and pitcher Willie Blair, who I met in his Tigers days and he really nice.

If we can break the streak of shame, we can redeem No. 46.

And to start the year on a good note, my brother-in-law Neil made this amazin' birthday cake. He got cable in the house only a couple weeks ago, started watching "Ace of Cakes," and within a week was able to gain the skills to create this masterpiece.

I didn't want to cut it. They made me do it. And it was really good!


Tony said...

Forget the cake. Look at the bucket of booze behind the man.

Happy birthday, friend. Best wishes for 100 more.

G-Fafif said...

Surely that was too good to eat.

Happy belated. Hope you gorged on the Opening Day victory.