Friday, April 04, 2008

Legos, assorted funny things and the Friday Five

A little late with the Deezo Friday Five this week. But I can still get it in before midnight, especially for the West Coast readers!

1) Lego stadiums. Sadly, it doesn’t look like anybody made a Shea or Citi Field. But some of these were pretty sweet, like Oriole Park at Camden Yards, complete with warehouse and the absence of any quality players.

2) Hugo, Cat of 1,000 Faces. I have to give Hugo credit. He acts as least as well as Mark Hamill.

3) Topps had a good chuckle with its Kazuo Uzuki card. I pulled this short-print from a pack and wondered who the heck he was. Then I turned it over and read that he throws 104 MPH and I figured something was up. The company revealed this week that it was an April Fool’s Day joke. I think I’d rather find a card of a real player, even a stiff like Guillermo Mota.

Then again, it was more believable than last year’s spoof, which had President Bush in the stands on Derek Jeter’s card. As if the Secret Service would let someone like Jeter get that close to the president.

4) Speaking of Jeter, the folks at the Crane Pool Forum had fun mocking his cologne, “Driven.” Naturally, it wasn’t called “Divin’” because Jeter usually waves at grounders, especially ones on the third-base side, so he can find something new to blame ARod for.

5) Thank you for the nice birthday wishes! And I must say there is nothing better than a Dairy Queen ice cream cake! It's the crunchy chocolate center that puts it over the top!