Thursday, June 28, 2007

Congrats to Frank Thomas, a glorious non-Met

Frank Thomas is my favorite player never to wear a Mets uniform. So naturally I've been closely watching his march to 500 career home runs.

That milestone was obtained this afternoon against the Twins -- and without any of the suspicion that surrounds certain other sluggers.

Here's an early post about an encounter with Frank at Tiger Stadium. It's one of my favorite stories. Enjoy!
Of course, we mean no slight to the original Frank Thomas, a fine Met who held the team's home run record for years.


Marci B. said...

Haha - I am a white sox girl in NY. Go figure :)

J. said...

Great story!

I've probably attended more games at old Tiger Stadium than any other park and, to this day, it's still the best place I've ever been to see a game (and I've hit all the big name places save Yankee Stadium).

One of the most impressive things I saw at Tiger Stadium was in the summer of 1996. I was sitting in the CF bleachers about half-way up for a game against the ChiSox. Big Frank hit a ball that landed about 15 feet to the right of me. I'd seen Griffey put a ball on the RF roof but Frank's shot to CF was the longest ball I'd ever seen hit.