Friday, June 30, 2006

The real reason we got swept.

Mets fans, we have to reveal an ugly reality: We threw the Red Sox series.

I’m convinced. And here’s why.

Our division is wrapped up. We’re up by 11 games, the Phils are throwing in the towel, the Marlins are kids, the Braves finally suck and the Nationals remembered that they used to be the Expos.

The second half of the season is going to be like spring training, where everybody plays to keep from getting rusty but avoids getting hurt. Except for David Wright and Carlos Beltran, who have to pad their stats for the MVP battle.

Meanwhile, the Yanks are in second place, four games out. And until midnight strikes for the Tigers or Ozzie Guillen talks his team into the tank, the wild card is coming from the Central Division. That means the Yanks finish in second place. And if they are in second, they’re not going to the playoffs.

We all know that a best-case scenario is the Mets in the playoffs, and Yankees sitting outside weeping on the curb with Mystique and Aura working the corners for new suitors.

A Yankee-free postseason would be a beautiful thing. Tim McCarver won’t be able to prattle on about Derek F. Jeter and his "intangibles." And think of how we’ll be sparing the casts of all those Fox sitcoms from having to make a trip to the Bronx to be seen in the front row for those thinly-masked promos.

What can we do to make this reality? Two things.

One is to beat the stuffing out of the Yanks this weekend at the their dumpy stadium in the Bronx. Considering that we were a Billy Wagner meltdown away from sweeping their sorry and saggy asses the last time we played them, I’m reasonably confident this will happen.

The other? That would be helping the team ahead of them in the standings.

The Skanks were playing the demoralized Braves, starting Tuesday at 3.5 games behind the Red Sox. Since the Braves are sitting around trying to figure out who will be their one shamed representative at the All-Star Game, the Yankees figured to take the series, which they did, winning two of three.

If we had swept the Sox — which we were fully capable of doing — we would have let the Yanks pick up two games. The only possible alternative was to hand the Chowds all three games.

Frankly, I was worried we were making it too obvious, especially Pedro on Wednesday. And Lastings must have been miffed after Willie told him to botch those balls hit to the outfield.

I figure we took one for the team. Sure, it stings for a while. But it’s better in the long run for everyone.


Cyberlibrarian said...

You are positively warped. I like that in a person. ;-)

Dan in Texas said...

I like your thinking Dave. I hope you are correct. By the way, I did my part and instead of posting voted for out boys. I know Jose Reyes, I saw Jose Reyes first game and Jack Wilson, you are no Jose Reyes.